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Jewellery must always be handled and cared for as precious pieces of art, even thou jewellery is basically stone and metal.

Basic caring instructions are as follows 


Store in a safe, dry, and dark environment. 

Regularly check stone settings , meaning prongs ,bezels. An effective way of doing this is with a simple magnifying lens (your phones camera ) look for any damage and irregular looking prongs. A simple shake of your jewellery next to your ear will also tell you if any stones are loose .


Do not use harsh chemicals on or around your jewellery , especially with organic gems like pearls corals and softer gems like turquoise.  

Clean your jewellery often to keep away any unnecessary build up of contamination. A simple hand wash liquid , with a soft worn toothbrush is great , rinse off with warm water and let the jewellery  dry. 

Try not to wear your jewellery gardening or similar activities. 

Most of all enjoy and love your jewellery.


champayne tourmaline ring
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